Troubleshooting Your Dremel 3D Idea Builder

ProblemCausecorrective action
Extruder head building off center

Dremel 3D Idea Builder has lost track of the extruder head's exact location and is failing to build.

Sending the extruder head to the home position will recalibrate the Dremel 3D Idea Builder. Cancel your object, clear build platform, send the extruder head to the home position, and restart the object.

PLA is not extruding or sticking to the build tape properly

This can be caused by the build platform not being leveled with the extruder head.

Leveling the build platform will align the extruder head and ensure a better object quality. Cancel your object, clear build platform, level the build platform, and restart the object.

Dremel 3D software froze during use or computer froze.

Sometimes software isn't as smart as you are and locks up.

Save any open files if possible and either restart the Dremel 3D software or your computer.

Dremel 3D Idea Builder froze before my object started.

Dremel 3D Idea Builder may have received conflicting commands.

Turn power switch off, wait 30 seconds, and turn power switch on.

3D file loads with a warning stating that the file is not closed.

3D file has not been properly designed and has open surfaces.

Open 3D file in a CAD editing software to close all the open surfaces.

Support material does not break away cleaning and decreased the quality of the final object.

Orientation of the part is not optimized.

Reorient the position of the 3D file in Dremel 3D to minimize the support material or place the support material on a non-critical surface.

Spaghetti mess at end of build.

A layer of your object did not stick properly, model was saved with minimal surface area contacting the build platform, or object was built floating above the build platform with no support selected. Use the preview future in Dremel 3D to see the first layer height and position. Build with supports when necessary.

Part only built halfway.

Filament ran out. Filament clogged during build.

Replace filament and start build over. See "No filament coming out".

No filament coming out.

Clogged extruder.

Use unclog tool to push through filament. Contact customer service.

Extruder will not home.

Limit switch wire failure.

Contact customer service.

Stringy or fraying plastic layers on steep overhangs.

Object overhangs are too far apart or too steep (<45 degree angle).

Build with supports.